Honest Boy


An Honest Boy found a substantial amount of money worth P3,000



An Honest Boy in the middle of poverty and hardships of life.


The 12 year old honest boy is a son of a tricycle driver.


Steven Ortega, the 12 years old honest boy was playing with his

friends when he found a money worth P3,000 pesos.


Steven goes to school everyday walking to save on fare. His

everyday allowance is P50 pesos or barely 1 US Dollar each day.


Most of the time, this allowance of his is not enough for food

drinks and school expenses.


When he found the money inside a wallet while playing with his

friends, instead of appropriating it for himself, he returned

the money to its rightful owner through the police.


SPO1 George Santiago of Galas Police Station, the policeman

to whom the wallet was given said that there was no

identification card in the wallet except a receipt in which

the name of the owner was written.


The Policeman was able to trace the identity of the wallet

owner through facebook and informed him of the found wallet.


The owner of the wallet was very happy and thankful. He is a

college student.The P3,000 pesos was his school allowance for

one month.


The Honest Boy received no reward but he earned the respect of

everyone. Despite his poverty, he did not covet what he does

not own.

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