11 Residents Hospitalized In Karuhatan Valenzuela

11 Residents of Barangay Karuhatan Valenzuela City were rushed to the hospital.

The 11 Residents including 2 children and 1 pregnant woman were rushed to the hospital after having a hard time breathing accompanied by dizziness and vomiting.

The Symptoms suffered by the residents immediately followed after a fogging operation conducted in the area to kill the mosquitoes causing Dengue.

The Residents said that the chemical used to kill the mosquitoes was very strong.

According to the health office of the City of Valenzuela, They conducted similar fogging operations using the same chemical yesterday and no residents were affected or showed the same symptoms as those rushed to the hospital.

The Place in Karuhatan Valenzuela where the fogging operation was conducted is crowded and the homes are very close to each other and the streets going to the area are very narrow.

When the fogging operation was conducted past 7 am in the morning, most residents inhaled the lethal smoke.

Dr.Lordwyn Reyes, a doctor in the Valenzuela Medical Center where the residents were rushed said that the cause of the residents’ vomiting, dizziness, and breathing problems was the smoke that they inhaled.

Jaime Exconde of the Valenzuela City Health office said that the chemical used in the fogging operation had been used for so long and it is approved by the Department of Health. He is puzzled because the chemical mixing process was correct and that the fogging operation conducted today was just a continuation of the fogging operation yesterday and no reported cases were made yesterday.

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