58 Students And Teachers In Camarines Norte Hospitalized

By | June 19, 2015


58 Students and Teachers in Basud Elementary School in

Camarines Norte were rushed to the hospital after inhaling

a toxic fume.


They complained of stomach ache, dizziness and vomiting.

9 students are still in the hospital as of this moment.


According to the school principal, proper help was

duly given to those rushed to the hospital. The school

class was also suspended in the nearby school.


The Police is now investigating the source of the toxic





In Bocaue Bulacan, 2 brothers were shot dead while they are

in a drinking session on the occasion of a birthday celebration.


According to the the brother of the 2 victims who is a Priest

said that based on the police report, the crime committed

against his brothers Ferdinand De Jesus and Ernesto De Jesus

is homicide but he believes that the crime is pre-meditated

so the crime committed is murder and also believes that the

crime was committed by at least 2 suspects.

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