6 Ways to stop piracy

By | November 22, 2018
ways to stop piracy

Ways to stop piracy | PIA


Here are the 6 ways you can do to stop piracy.

  1. Spread awareness by liking and sharing Optical Media Board social media pages
  2. Watch movies in cinemas or other legitimate streaming platforms
  3. Be cautious when buying products
  4. Don’t patronize pirated or counterfeited goods such as CD’s,DVD’s,flash drives,
    Sd cards and such
  5. Buy only original products from accredited retailers
  6. Report piracy and illegal camcording to the proper authorities


Optical Media Board Contact Number. Report violations.

  • 0921-329-7700
  • 0906-231-4906
  • 410-2488
  • info@omb.gov.ph
  • www.omb.gov.ph


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