A Child With Congenital Esotropia Needs Help


Often times, when we see a person having one or both eyes turned

inwards towards the nose we judge them immediately as cross-eyed.


But such is not always the case. One of the reason for such

condition may be congenital or already present from birth.


This is the condition of Ashley Goboy.


Ashley has a condition known as Congenital Esotropia.

  • Esotropia is an inward turning of one or both eyes. Infantile
    esotropia begins at birth or during the first year of life.
    Infantile esotropia is also called congenital esotropia.


Ashley is having a hard time reading and writing. Her face is

very near the paper to where she writes.


Mrs.Vivian Beraket, Ashley’s teacher said that she is having a

hard time coping up with her lessons. The teacher said that this

may be due to Ashley’s difficulty in reading and seeing things.


Ashley Goboy was 4 years old when her condition was noticed.


Ashley’s mother said that when she was a child, she suffered a


  • Convulsion a sudden, violent, irregular movement of the body,
    caused by involuntary contraction of muscles and associated
    especially with brain disorders such as epilepsy, the presence
    of certain toxins or other agents in the blood, or fever in


When Ashley’s condition was referred to the Kapuso Foundation,


She was immediately sent for a check up to an Ophthalmologist.


Dr.Victor Yap, an ophthalmologist said that Ashley has a condition

known as congenital esotropia. One of the nerve muscle in her

eyes is weak causing it to be pulled inward.


One reason cited by Dr.Victor Yap for such condition may be due

to early birth before the nerves are fully developed.


The Doctor said that operation must be conducted to correct the

condition of Ashley before she reaches 7 years of age.


For Those Interested to help Ashley. You may visit the GMA

Network Kapuso Foundation website for details how to donate.