Aeta Peoples

Aeta Peoples
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Aeta Peoples (The Indigenous Peoples of western Central Luzon (Bataan, Pampanga, Taralac, and Zambales provinces)

In traditional Kapampangan lore, the nomadic hunter-gatherer Aeta peoples are the first people of the western part of Central Luzon before the arrival of the rice-farming lowland Austronesian groups which include Kapampangans, Sambals, and Tagalogs, among others.

The Aeta Peoples are the numerous Philippine Negrito groups of Central Luzon which are characterized by their darker skin, curly to Afro-textured hair, and shorter stature. They are historically nomadic hunter-gatherers and are considered among the earliest inhabitants of the Philippines.

Aetas are composed of different ethnolinguistic groups with their own distinct cultures and languages. Aeta languages have had a significant influence on Kapampangan place names and toponymy, such as the names of Tarlac City and Mabalacat City which are of Aeta origin.

The different Aeta ethnolinguistic groups of Western Central Luzon:

  • Ambala Aeta – Zambales and Bataan provinces
  • Abellen Aeta – Tarlac province
  • Magbukun Aeta – Bataan province
  • Mag-antsi Aeta – Zambales and Pampanga provinces
  • Mag-indi Aeta – Zambales and Pampanga provinces

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