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Today, February 22, is International Mother Language Day! The Kapampángan word “amanu” refers to words or language itself and is often used in common speech with its derived word ‘ámanuan’ which means “what is being talked about”.

AMÁNU • (uh-MAH-noo)
word, language

Tagálog (Filipino): salitâ (word), wíkà (language)

Derived Word:
ÁMANUAN • (AH-muh-nwuhn)
what was being said/referred to/talked about
Tagalog: sinasábi (root: sábi “to say”)

Example Sentence:
Nánu itang ámanuan mu? [Kap]
Anó iyóng sinasábi mo? [Tag]
What was that you were saying/referring to/talking about? [Eng]

Specific example phrase:
Nánung ámanuan mung balé?
“What house (that you were saying)?”

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