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The months of January and February are the peak of the cool and dry amian (Tagalog: amíhan) season. A picturesque Kapampángan scene during this time is the twin-peaked Mt. Arayat seemingly floating over the low-lying fog that covers the fields of the Central Luzon plain in the early morning.

(1) the cool northeast monsoon;
(2) the cool dry season from around November to March brought by the said wind;
(3) winter (by extension)
Tagálog (Filipino): amíhan

Amian: The Cold North Wind
The amian refers to the cool northeast monsoon that originates from Siberia. It brings cool temperatures and dry conditions to the Philippines’ west side (where the Kapampángan region is facing) while bringing the opposite conditions (high rainfall) to the archipelago’s east side. It occurs from around November to March, usually peaking from January to February which is the observed cool dry amian season

Derived word:
AMIÁNAN • (uh-MYAH-nuhn)
Tagálog (Filipino): hilágà

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