Antolihaw: Provincial Bird of Bohol

Antolihaw: Provincial Bird of Bohol | National Museum of the Philippines Bohol (@natmuseumbohol)

Antolihaw (Tuliyaw): Provincial Bird of Bohol

Hello Bird Watchers! The National Museum of Bohol features its most elegant bird from its zoological collection, Antolihaw (the Black-naped Oriole (Oriolus chinensis).

The Antolihaw or Tuliyaw, is listed as the Provincial bird of Bohol symbolizing the character of Boholanos as being friendly, freedom-loving and fiercely independent.

The Antolihaw is native to the Philippines and a member of the oriole family of Passerine birds known as songbirds found mostly in Asia. They thrive in tropical forests, moist lowlands and mangrove forests.

An antolihaw’s body is colored bright yellow with black eye-stripe going to its nape and with black wings and tails, while its bill is colored pink. They are solitary and monogamous and come only in pairs during mating season. Males and females cooperate in feeding and protecting their chicks until they become independent in 15 days.

They feed on berries, insects and other fruits with papaya as their favourite. They can be distinguished in their calling: Tuliiiyaaaaaoooow, hence their name.

Orioles symbolize peace, joy and hope. In the recent Miss World Philippines, Bohol’s bet Miss Mara Ruiz wore an elegant Antolihaw-inspired design for her national costume – as homage to the rich wildlife of Bohol.

The Antolihaw (Black-naped Oriole) is listed in the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) as Least Concern (LC) yet their conservation is deemed important especially for their role in the pollination and propagation of plants in tropical environments.

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