Benefits of being an ASEAN citizen

throwback asean photo competition brochure
Benefits of being an ASEAN citizen | Department of Foreign Affairs (@DFAPHL)

One of the benefits of being an ASEAN citizen is the privilege to travel to any of the ten ASEAN Member countries visa-free.

As part of the commemoration of ASEAN’s 54th Anniversary, the Department of Foreign Affairs Philippines invites you to relive your travels by participating in the Throwback ASEAN photo competition!

Open to all Filipino participants of any age residing in the Philippines, you may post photos on any of the following categories following the theme “Discovering Southeast Asian Traditional Cultures and Heritage”

1. Food
2. People (particularly people-to-people interactions / connections between ASEAN citizens)
3. Cultural Event/Festivities
4. Historical Heritage Sites
5. Landscapes, Nature and Wildlife

Post your photos in your own social media accounts and submit your entries by accomplishing this form.

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