Binondo History

binondo history
Binondo History | Image by @rebirth.manila

Binondo History

On this day, March 29, in 1594, Binondo was created by Spanish Governor Luis Perez Dasmarinas as a permanent settlement for Chinese immigrants on the condition that they will convert to Catholicism.

Bought from encomenderos, Binondo was originally called Minondoc which means “hilly” or an elevated land.

In time, the settlement would go on to become Manila’s commercial and financial district, with famous places like the commercial and shopping hub of Calle Escolta, and the financial hub at Juan Luna Street.

Binondo’s famed Plaza Calderon de la Barca was one of the biggest in Manila, surrounded by iconic landmarks such as Binondo Church, Hotel de Oriente, and the La Insular Cigar Factory.

In addition to the Chinese, Binondo was also a melting pot of other nationalities making it a cosmopolitan district.

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