British Siege of Manila 1762

british siege of manila
British Siege of Manila | Renacimiento Manila (@rebirth.manila)

British Siege of Manila 1762

On September 24, 1762, British forces began their attack on Manila. This was part of the Seven Year’s War that was being fought around the world between Great Britain and the allied nations of France and Spain.

10,000 British troops landed in Malate advancing north to besiege the Walled City.

British naval guns and artillery pounded the southern walls of Manila. Attempts by the Spanish and Kapampangan troops to dislodge the attackers around Manila were thwarted.

On October 6, British troops stormed through the ruined Baluarte de San Andres and Baluarte de San Diego.

Manila and Cavite Puerto would soon be surrendered, leading to almost 2 years of British occupation.

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