Bugang River of Pandan Antique

bugang river
Bugang River of Pandan Antique | @nationalmuseum.wv

LIGO TA! Let us beat the summer heat by swimming in Bugang River of Pandan, Antique. The 6-kilometer river snakes through barangays Candari, Santo Rosario, Guia, Zaldivar, and Mag-aba from Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park, emptying at Pandan Bay.

Bugang River is hailed as the cleanest inland body of water in the Philippines, making it the water source of the town. The river’s ecosystem sustains a rich biodiversity, including long lines of mangroves that are home to endemic and migratory birds, and mollusks like toway, tolya and bilaug that serve as food sources for the surrounding communities. The Bugang River is also a popular tourist destination, with its clean water and strong current ideal for water activities like water tubing and water rafting.

In the photo is the Bugang River with Northwest Panay Peninsula Mountain Ranges on its back inviting everyone to enjoy the view and its ice-cold water. ©kebermejoiii | Flickr.com

Contributor: Hervi Ann L. De la Cruz, UP Visayas