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Have you heard stories about the abundance of gold in ancient Butuan and Surigao?

Do you know that these are not folktales but are indeed true and evidence-based?

LET’S DIG MORE INTO THAT. In celebration of the Museums and Galleries Month (MGM) 2022, your NationalMuseumPH in Butuan is hosting a FREE WEBINAR entitled, “Bulawan: Archaeological and Historical Accounts of the Pre-Colonial Gold of Butuan and Surigao” on October 13, 2022, Thursday, 9 am-12nn PH time, via Zoom and Facebook Live.

Gold, or “bulawan” in the local language, was abundant in the Eastern Northern Mindanao region as evidenced by the golden artifacts recovered from the vicinities of Butuan and Surigao. Archaeologist Wilfredo P. Ronquillo said that “gold may have been one of the main reasons for the large proto-historic population here in Butuan. That it was available in fairly large quantities is shown by the recent gold finds. Present-day gold panners in Butuan are finding seemingly unlimited quantities of gold- both worked and unworked.

And, more interesting information during the webinar. So, don’t miss joining us!

This three-hour webinar event is organized by the Office of the Director of Mindanao National Museums in partnership with the NMP Archaeology Division.

Zoom slots are limited. Pre-register through this link: https://bit.ly/bulawanNMP.

Should you have queries about the activity, contact us at nationalmuseumbutuan@gmail.com or call/text us at 09190779854.

The month of October is annually celebrated in the Philippines as MGM under Presidential Proclamation No. 798, s. 1991 to highlight the importance of national consciousness and pride in our rich Filipino culture and heritage, and conserving and promoting the nation’s historical and cultural heritage. This year’s MGM celebration’s theme is, “Embracing Uncertainty: Showcasing Solidarity, Hope, and Recovery”

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