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By | May 19, 2019
cafe panadero guam

Cafe Panadero in Guam | Image Source: DFA


Craving for Filipino food in the United States? Try Lechon Belly, Dinuguan, and Bangus Sinigang at Cafe Panadero in Yigo, Guam!

Cafe Panadero is located at 169 North Point Center, Iglesia Street, Marine Corps Drive, Yigo, Guam.

Cafe Panadero’s best sellers are

  • Lechon Belly – roasted and slow-cooked pork belly, stuffed with pandan leaves and spices
  • Dinuguan – Pig blood’s stew with pork and chilis, served with puto (rice cake)
  • Bangus Sinigang – sour and savory soup with bangus (milkfish)

Cafe Panadero is now starting a food and drink combos! Come by and get a refreshing drink with your food whether it is coffee to wake you up in the morning or an Italian Soda to go with this hot afternoon. Come by, and come try!

Includes 12 oz Hot Latte or Cappuccino:
1 choice – $7.95
2 choice – $9.75
3 choice – $10.75

*Extra 50 Cents for the flavored hot drinks.*

But if you want to get an iced drink or frappe instead of the hot latte, you can purchase
the Food plate for regular prices of

1 choice: $5.75
2 choice: $7.50
3 choice: $8.50

AND get 20% off any iced drink, Italian Soda, or frappes to go with your food.

Interested, you may contact the cafe at
(671) 653 2112
(671) 637 2115

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