Camilo C. Roa Jr.

Camilo C. Roa Jr.
Camilo C. Roa Jr. | @nastphl

Happy birthday to Academician Camilo C. Roa Jr.!

Dr. Roa is an internationally recognized expert in Respiratory Medicine. He is recognized for his pioneering and translational research on tuberculosis that explored outpatient Supervised Short-course Chemotherapy, which contributed to the adoption of WHO’s Directly Observed Therapy Short course or DOTS strategy in the national program. He strategized the creation of collaborative public-private mix DOTS that brought private and government TB workers together, which became a model for the Stop TB Partnership at the WHO Geneva. Dr. Roa invented the Pulmo 1 Ambubagger, a temporary device that can be used in the absence of a ventilator.

Update: Congratulations Academician Camilo C. Roa, New Professor Emeritus University of the Philippines Manila.

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