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Mandaluyong City Investment Scam

An alleged investment company failed to give back the money it owes to its investors.   The Investment company said that it is a legitimate business and it is registered in the Securities and exchange commission (SEC).   The Company said that its office was robbed which was the reason it failed to gave back the money of… Read More »


    PLDT DSL Plans are one of the best dsl internet plans in the Philippines.   PLDT DSL Plans, popularly known as PLDT My Dsl Plan is a high speed broadband internet service that runs on PLDT phone network.   PLDT internet service runs either on its phone network or runs through its cellular network.   PLDT Offers… Read More »

PLDT Speedster Plan

  PLDT DSL offers 4 different categories of internet products:   These DSL products are the following; 1. Speedster Plan 2. Bundled Plans 3. High Speed Plans 4. TVO-Trio Plans   I will talk about PLDT’s latest product the speedster plan.   PLDT Speedster Plan Features 1. 5 Mbps speed 2. 50 GB data transfer limit 3. Additional… Read More »

PLDT MyDsl Slow Internet Connection

  PLDT MyDsl sometimes has very low internet connection speed.   Granting that you have subscribed to the PLDT speedster plan, your theoretical speed should be 5MB per second at most.   But sometimes there are days when PLDT internet speed is so slow.   Some of the reasons for PLDT MyDsl Slow Internet Connection Are  the following:… Read More »