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Digital PERA

  The virtual launch of the digital PERA (Personal Equity and Retirement Account) is a milestone that has been years in the making. Established under RA 9505, PERA is a means to help Filipinos build funds for retirement. Twin objective of PERA 1. Complimenting existing pension and retirement benefit 2. Promoting capital market development Filipinos now can invest… Read More »

Price of eggs in the Philippines

  How much is the price of eggs in the Philippines? The Department of Agriculture has set a new suggested retail price (SRP) for basic agriculture and fishery commodities in Metro Manila. It covers 11 prime commodities (per kilo). 1. Rice (local): Special-Php 53; Premium-Php 45; Well-milled-Php 40; Rice (imported): Special-Php 52; Premium-Php 43; Well-milled-Php 38; 2. Pork… Read More »

Itneg Cloth

  Itneg Cloth The Itneg are “the people of the mountain” and are an ethnic group from the uplands of Abra. They have a tradition of embroidering symbols onto their clothing. You may want to read: Magdalena Gamayo Tangkulo


  Fisherfolks in Barangay Nalvo, Santa Maria in Ilocos Sur harvest their sea urchins locally known as “Maritangtang” which are being sold for Php 130 to Php 150 per kilo. (@philippinestar) You may want to read: Wasay-wasay

How to spot fake Philippine money?

How to spot fake Philippine money? In order to ascertain the genuineness of Philippine banknotes, the BSP advises the public to carefully feel, look, and tilt their banknotes to check for security features, as illustrated below:   Feel 1. Security Paper 2. Embossed Prints 3. Tactile Marks   Look 4. Watermark 5. Security Fiber 6. Asymmetric Serial Number… Read More »