Punong Barangay Powers, Functions and Responsibilities

The Punong Barangay is the highest government official in the Barangay.   Barangay is the smallest local government unit or the basic political unit in the Philippines.   Punong Barangay is akin to that of the President with respect to the national government, Governor with respect to the province and Mayor with respect to the … Read more

Beware of Bogus PNP Checkpoint

The PNP Checkpoint is established to fulfill its mandate to protect and serve the Filipino people. Perhaps you observed lately that almost all barangays, Cities, and Municipalities have checkpoints established by the PNP and the AFP. This is because the election period for the barangay has begun. The PNP and AFP are tasked to enforce … Read more

Will There Be A Law Before May 1 Ending The Practice of Endo?

In January of this year, A bill intended to end the practice of the so-called “endo” or the system of end of contract was passed by congress. A bill becomes a law when the President of the Philippines signs it. Endo is the system of contracting workers for less than 6 months and for the … Read more

President Duterte Declares April As Filipino Food Month or Buwan ng Kalutong Pilipino

The President of the Philippines declared the month of April of every year as Filipino Food Month or Buwan ng Kalutong Pilipino. The lead Philippine agency in charge of this years celebration and every year thereafter will be the Department of Agriculture and the National Commission for Culture and theĀ  Arts. All departments, bureaus and … Read more