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TRAIN Package 2 What Is It?

I hear a lot about this TRAIN package 2. So I decided to read about it and find out  for myself what it is.   TRAIN is an acronym. It simply means Tax Reform For Acceleration and Inclusion.   TRAIN is a law. It is a tax law and not a form of rail transport like MRT or… Read More »

Punong Barangay Powers, Functions and Responsibilities

The Punong Barangay is the highest government official in the Barangay.   Barangay is the smallest local government unit or the basic political unit in the Philippines.   Punong Barangay is akin to that of the President with respect to the national government, Governor with respect to the province and Mayor with respect to the cities and municipalities.… Read More »

Beware Of Bogus PNP Checkpoint

The PNP Checkpoint is established to fulfill its mandate to protect and to serve the Filipino people.   Perhaps you observed lately that almost all barangays, Cities and Municipalities have checkpoints established by the PNP and the AFP.   This is because the election period for the barangay has begun.   The PNP and AFP are tasked to… Read More »