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Who Has The Power Remove A Punong Barangay From Office?

Who do you think has the power to remove a Punong Barangay from office?   The synchronized barangay and sangguniang kabataan election is just few days away. May 14 is the time that people will vote for barangay and SK officials.   The sweet talking candidates will do anything to win the election.   The position I’m concerned… Read More »

Barangay Kagawad Salary, Do You Have An Idea How Much?

Barangay Kagawad Salary, How much pare?   This was the question thrown by one of my friends at me.   I answered none. A Barangay Kagawad do not receive a salary.   If a barangay kagawad or barangay councilor do not receive a salary then why? you may ask yourself that many Filipinos wanted to be elected to… Read More »

How Much Is The Salary of Punong Barangay?

Do you have an idea how much is the salary of Punong Barangay?   On May 14, you will elect a Punong Barangay in the place where you registered to vote.   Perhaps more than 5 or 10 candidates are vying for the position of barangay chairman or punong barangay in your area.   You may wonder why… Read More »

TRAIN Package 2 What Is It?

I hear a lot about this TRAIN package 2. So I decided to read about it and find out for myself what it is.   TRAIN is an acronym. It simply means Tax Reform For Acceleration and Inclusion.   TRAIN is a law. It is a tax law and not a form of rail transport like MRT or… Read More »