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On this day, July 30

  On this day, July 30, in 1907, by virtue of the Philippine Organic Act of 1902, nationwide elections were held for the 80 members of the Philippine Assembly, which serves as the Lower House of the Philippine Legislature. While several parties fielded candidates in the election, two major political parties, the Partido Nacionalista and Partido Nacional Progresista… Read More »

One Cordillera

  It has been 32 years since the Cordillera started the pursuit of regional autonomy. in 2010, only 42% of the roads in the region are paved but in 2019,  92% of the roads are finished. But the journey to build one greater cordillera continues. Another chapter of the Cordillera’s pursuit for regional autonomy unfolds, the regional development… Read More »

On this day, July 9

  On this day, July 9, in 1943, the American submarine USS Thresher landed in Catmon Point, near Sipalay, Negros Occidental to unload 500 pounds of supplies and 40,000 rounds of ammunition for American and Filipino guerrillas led by Capt. Jesus Villamor. It also delivered a group of Filipino commandoes tasked with slipping into Manila to link up… Read More »

Philippine documents that can be apostilled

  Philippine documents that can be apostilled or apostillized The following are the Philippine documents that can be apostilled or apostillized: NBI Clearance PSA/NSO documents Birth Certificate Marriage Certificate Death Certificate Certificate of no marriage record Transcript of records, diploma and other school documents example of school documents: form 137 Professional Regulation Commission Documents  (PRC): e.g. Board Certificates,… Read More »

On this day, July 3

  On this day, July 3, in 1892, Filipino reformist Dr. Jose Rizal founded the progressive organization La Liga Filipina at the house of Doroteo Ongjunco in Ilaya Street, Tondo, Manila. The organization aims to push for reforms in the Philippines and foster unity among Filipinos through mutual aid, protection, and self-help. Among its members include Andres Bonifacio,… Read More »