Principal maker of the first Philippine National Flag

  On this day, May 30, 2020 is the 74th death anniversary of Doña Marcela Mariño de Agoncillo, principal maker of the first Philippine National Flag. With her daughter Lorenza and Delfina Herbosa de Natividad, they completed the flag within five days. To recognize her role in Philippine history, the Philippine flag is hoisted permanently … Read more

Philippine Native Plants List

Philippine Native Plants List Some of the Philippines’ native plants! Are you familiar with them? Antipolo Tree (Artocarpus blancoi) Family: Moraceae Endemic Type of plant: Tree Other names: Tipolo, Pakak Bagawak-morado Family: Lamiaceae Indigenous Type of plant: Shrub or small tree Other names: Fireworks Tree, Starburst, and Bunga de Febrero Cinnamon Family: Lauraceae Species Distribution: … Read more

On this day, May 27

On this day, May 27, in 1906, the Culion Leper Colony began its operations. This was upon the arrival in Culion of 365 leper-stricken people from Cebu, facilitated by the United States Coast Guard. Leprosy was already in the Philippines when the Spaniards arrived. In 1633, some Japanese Christians banished from their homeland for embracing … Read more

Sec Jesse Robredo Birth Anniversary

  Sec Jesse Robredo Birth Anniversary Today, May 27, 2020 is the 62nd birth anniversary of Jesse Robredo, a public servant who was Naga City Mayor and Secretary of the Interior and Local Government. His achievements gained him international recognition, marked by remarkable transparency and accountability. A Memorial Mass in commemoration of his 62nd birth … Read more

JV Ejercito Accomplishments

  JV Ejercito Accomplishments These are some of Sen. JV Ejercito’s authored laws that Filipinos are now enjoying the benefits. Universal Health Care National Integrated Cancer Control Free College Education Creation of Human Settlement Department Extension of Driver’s License Validity Free Irrigation Services Extension of Passport Validity National Mental Health Balik Scientist Program Speed Limiters … Read more