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  Calamansi which is native to the Philippines is called Kidya in Baler, Aurora. Kidya is often seen in Baler restaurants and eateries, where tasty cold calamansi juice is good to drink after surfing. Ang Kidya ay tawag sa kalamansi sa Baler, Aurora. Ang Kidya ay madalas nakikita sa mga kainan sa Baler, kung saan masarap na inumin ang… Read More »

What is Palero?

  Palero is a term for people whose job is to collect garbage. Let us segregate our garbage so that our surroundings will become beautiful. How to segregate? Separate the different types of garbage into biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Sell ​​bottles, paper, cardboard, tin cans, pet bottles, plastics, and styrofoam in the junk-shop. Separate broken glass and glass bottles… Read More »

Ricardo Lantican: National Scientist

  Ricardo Lantican is an internationally recognized pioneer in plant breeding. He received the title of National Scientist in 2005 for developing over 20 enhanced mungbean, soybean, and peanut varieties. Dr. Ricardo Lantican is recognized for his contributions in plant breeding. His research shows the importance of genetic diversity as a weapon against environmental adversities. His work finds… Read More »

Rene Barrientos (Boxing) Sports Hero

  Rene Barrientos was born in Aklan on September 25, 1943.  He cemented his stature as one of the greatest hard-hitting boxers in the Philippines after reigning as the Philippine champion in the Super Featherweight division from 1964 to 1967. In 1969, Rene Barrientos claimed the World Boxing Council Super Featherweight crown after defeating American fighter Ruben Navarro… Read More »


  Oyayi or lullaby is a soothing song or piece of music that is usually played for children.  The purposes of lullabies vary. In some societies they are used to pass down cultural  knowledge or tradition. There are so many different types of lullabies in the Philippines,  all is talking about the love of the parent to the… Read More »