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Kamayan Philippine Seafood Restaurant in China

  Craving for Filipino food in China? Try the Kamayan Pusit and the Kamayan Seafood Set at Kamayan Philippine Seafood Restaurant in Chongqing. The restaurant’s bestsellers are: Kamayan Pusit – squid dish akin to Filipino adobong pusit but with the addition of Sichuan chili. Kamayan Seafood set prepared in boodle-fight style and eaten with bare hands consisting of… Read More »

Pioneer of Art Deco Style in the Philippines

  The pioneer of Art Deco Style in the Philippines is Pablo S. Antonio. Pablo Antonio is the pioneer of Art Deco Style in the Philippines. Some of his famous design is the Cine Ideal in Avenida, FEU administration and Science Buildings and the Manila Polo Club. He is a Philippine National Artist for Architecture. He was born… Read More »

Apolaki “God of the Sun, Patron of Warriors”

In other stories, Apolaki and Mayari are Bathala’s children with a mortal. The the light of their eyes serves as the light throughout the world. When Bathala died, they fought each other to determine who should inherit his throne. They fought until one of the eyes of Mayari was blinded which Apolaki deeply regretted. Since then Apolaki and… Read More »

Popular Street Foods in the Philippines

You can also find more infographics at Visualistan   Street foods in the Philippines may be classified as follows: Prito (Fried) Inihaw (Barbecued) Savory Fresh Fruits Sweets Snacks Prito (Fried) Kwek-kwek (Tokneneng) Fishballs Calamares Chicken skin Turon (Fried banana wrapped in spring roll paper) Maruya (Banana fritter) One day old chick Cheese stick Kikiam Banana-Q Kamote-Q Proben (Chicken… Read More »

Children of Bathala

  Bathala has three children namely; Mayari Tala Hanan Mayari is the Goddess of the Moon. According to others, She is a sibling of Apolaki and Tala. According to others, She has only one eye. Tala is the Goddess of the Stars. According to others, he is the brother of Apolaki and Mayari. Hanan is the Goddess of… Read More »