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Popular Street Foods in the Philippines

You can also find more infographics at Visualistan   Street foods in the Philippines may be classified as follows: Prito (Fried) Inihaw (Barbecued) Savory Fresh Fruits Sweets Snacks Prito (Fried) Kwek-kwek (Tokneneng) Fishballs Calamares Chicken skin Turon (Fried banana wrapped in spring roll paper) Maruya (Banana fritter) One day old chick Cheese stick Kikiam Banana-Q Kamote-Q Proben (Chicken… Read More »

Children of Bathala

  Bathala has three children namely; Mayari Tala Hanan Mayari is the Goddess of the Moon. According to others, She is a sibling of Apolaki and Tala. According to others, She has only one eye. Tala is the Goddess of the Stars. According to others, he is the brother of Apolaki and Mayari. Hanan is the Goddess of… Read More »

Padre Salvi

  Padre Salvi is a parish priest of San Diego. The picture of the conspirator, he is able to spin and manipulate anyone. She has a secret admiration for Maria Clara. Si Padre Salvi ay kura paroko ng San Diego.Larawan ng konspirador, kayang paikutin at manipulahin ang kahit sino. Mayroon siyang lihim na pagtingin kay Maria Clara. (noli… Read More »

AnnCel Pancit Cabagan

Anncel Pancit Cabagan is a restaurant in Valenzuela City offering Pancit Cabagan as  its primary food offering for dine-in and orders. A single order will cost you just Php50. Anncel Pancit Cabagan’s price lists are: Php50 for single person Php80 for 1 person Php100 for 3 person Php250 for 6 person Php500 for 12 to 15 person AnnCel… Read More »

Who is the Father of Philippine Independent Film?

  The father of Philippine independent film is Kidlat Tahimik. Kidlat Tahimik is a Philippine National Artist for Film. His real name is Eric de Guia. Erik de Guia or Kidlat Tahimik made his mark in international cinema with films that ingeniously critique globalization, colonialism, and the huge gap between the rich and the poor, among many other… Read More »