Kamangiang Did you know that the Kapampángan word for “frankincense” is very similar to its word for “string bean”? KAMANGIANG • (kuh-muh-NGYUHNG)(1) frankincenseTagálog (Filipino): kamanyáng (2) string bean, green beanTagálog (Filipino): sítaw Variations: kamangian, kamaniang  


Asawa It was National Spouses Day yesterday! How do you say “spouse” in your language? ASÁWA • (uh-SAH-wuh)spouse (husband/wife)Tagálog (Filipino): asáwa Derived WordMIYASÁWA • (mi-yuh-SAH-wuh)married coupleTagálog (Filipino): mag-asáwa TALÁSÁWA • (tuh-LAH-SAH-wuh)having a spouse; a married personTagálog (Filipino): may-asáwa Verb Conjugationmakiasáwa, mákiasáwa, mékiasáwa – to find someone to marry; to become married; to settle down Example … Read more

Traditional Gift Givers of Filipino Children

Traditional Gift Givers of Filipino Children: Three Kings For hundreds of years, the magical bearers of gifts for Filipino children during Christmas were the Three Kings, not Santa Claus. In the old tradition,, shoes were brightly polished and left on the window on the eve of Three Kings Day with the cleanest socks. The children … Read more


Kuraldal VIVA APU LUCIA! Kapampángans end the holidays and start the year by asking for healing to a patron saint, a tradition that’s said to go back to pre-colonial times and is also timely for current happenings. KURALDAL • (koo-ruhl-DUHL)(1) a dance ritual for saints;(2) a festival during Epiphany (January 6) to honor St. Lucy … Read more


Panaun/Panawun The first week of January is National Time Consciousness Week in the Philippines, so let’s take a look at the two different words for “time” in Kapampángan & Tagálog! PANAUN / PANAWUN • (puh-nuh-WOON)time (abstract); season; weatherTagálog (Filipino): panahón ÓRAS • (OH-ruhs)time (measured); hourTagálog (Filipino): óras Derived WordsKAPANAÚNAN / KAPANAWÚNANera of, season of, time … Read more