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Kamuning Tree

Kamuning Tree Kamuning (Murraya paniculata (Linn.) Jack Kamuning is a small, smooth evergreen tree, growing from 3 to 8 meters in height, and has very hard wood. They are common in thickets and secondary forests at low and medium altitudes throughout the Philippines. It has shiny, red elliptic fruits, about 1 centimeter long, and inside, one or two… Read More »

Mga Gamit sa Paghimo og Sikwate

Mga Gamit sa Paghimo og Sikwate: Lusong ug Alho Metate Batirol ug Bornijo April is Filipino Food Month. Coincidentally, the nation also commemorates the 500th anniversary of the First Circumnavigation of the World by the Magellan-Elcano Expedition. An event that placed the Philippines right in the middle of a global trade route, changed the course of Philippine History,… Read More »

Kalumpit Tree

Kalumpit Tree (Terminalia microcarpa Decne.) Kalumpit grows to a height of about 35 meters. The tree is widely distributed in the dipterocarp forests of Northern Luzon to Southern Mindanao, at low and medium elevations. The smooth, fleshy fruit (sometimes referred to as “Batangas Cherry”) turns dark red to violet-black when ripe and can be eaten raw, but are… Read More »

Ipil tree

Ipil tree Ipil (Intsia bijuga (Colebr.) Kuntze Ipil is a lowland rainforest tree that grows up to 45 meters. The tree has prominent buttresses when mature. It is commonly found along the coasts and occasionally, on low hills. Ipil produces one of the most valuable timbers in South East Asia. You may want to read: Mangkono Tree Bitaog… Read More »


Tahamaling The ‘TAHAMALING’ – are red-complexioned females that live in balete trees in the forests of the Philippines. They are the keeper of forest animals. You may want to read: Tambal Mangkono Tree