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Agricultural Training Institute handed over Php400,000

Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) handed over P400,000 funding support to Davao  Oriental State University for an extension project to conserve traditional rice varieties as Peria, Dinorado, San Pablo, Remulites, among others. PIA Pursuant to Executive Order no 338 (Restructuring the Department of Agriculture Providing  Funds Therefore and Other Purposes) and in consistent with the Republic Act 8435  (Agriculture… Read More »


  Entresuwelo is a small floor in a house or building that is sandwiched by two regular floor. Literally “between floors,” Entresuwelo can also be called mezzanine. Often times found in old buildings where there is a large gap or space between the floor and the roof. It is often rented to poor families or students coming from… Read More »


  Fatek is the native tattoo of Cordillera and Bontoc. In Kalinga, it is called Batek and the Ibaloy’s call it Fatok. These words are from the sound of the stick used for tattooing. It is a sophisticated  tradition that can only be performed by indigenous people such as the great “Apo Whang-od”. Fatek ang tawag sa katutubong… Read More »


  Lepa is the lined boats you see on the shoreside beach of Tawi-Tawi. Lepa is the house boat used by the Sama Dilaut or Badjaw which serve as their house and mode of transportation. The Sama Dilaut (more often known as the Bajau or Bajau Laut) are one of the ethnic  groups of Southeast Asia known as… Read More »

Payapang Daigdig

  Payapang Daigdig Ang gabi’y payapa Lahat ay tahimik Pati mga tala Sa bughaw na langit Kay hinhin ng hangin Waring umiibig Sa kapayapaan Ng buong aigdig     Peaceful World – 1946 Music – Felipe Padilla de Leon, National Artist for Music Lyrics – Eduardo de Leon and Brigido Batungbakal Payapang Daigdig is hailed as the local… Read More »