The Virgin of La Naval

The Virgin of La Naval One of the many saints venerated in Manila was Mary the mother of Jesus who was also known as the Virgin of La Naval. Its full title is Nuestra Señora de a Naval de Manila. It was believed that the Virgin of La Naval performed a miracle in 1646 wherein … Read more


Malaboo In this week’s Bicol Biodiversity, we feature another Rafflesia species found in Bicol, the Rafflesia lagascae. Read further to discover what makes this flower unique. Locally known as malaboo , R. lagascae is considered a small-diameter Rafflesia, its small flower similar to R. manillana and R. lobata. This species has elongated or stretched windows … Read more

Camilo C. Roa Jr.

Happy birthday to Academician Camilo C. Roa Jr.! Dr. Roa is an internationally recognized expert in Respiratory Medicine. He is recognized for his pioneering and translational research on tuberculosis that explored outpatient Supervised Short-course Chemotherapy, which contributed to the adoption of WHO’s Directly Observed Therapy Short course or DOTS strategy in the national program. He … Read more

Table Tennis Bronze at the 11th ASEAN PARA Games

Table Tennis Bronze at the 11th ASEAN PARA Games  Congratulations to the duo of Minnie Der Cadag and Pablo Catalan Jr., for winning the bronze medal for Team Philippines in Para Table Tennis Class 10 Mixed Doubles event at the 11th ASEAN PARA Games! You may want to read: Raymundo Deyro (Tennis)

Electrofishing is illegal in the Philippines

Electrofishing is illegal in the Philippines With the intensified implementation of RA 10654 or the law against illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing, BFAR is notifying the public that catching fish using electrocution is illegal. Warning: For anyone who has proven to use electricity (Electrofishing) in fishing. Based on Chapter VI, Section 92 of RA 10654: … Read more