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  Bantak Bantak is a traditional fishing implement used by Boholano fisherfolks in Antequera. You may want to read: Panggaw


  Saguran (Buri Palm weaving tradition of Bohol) According to the Department of Trade and Industry, the saguran weaving industry of Bohol is worth Php 60-million per year. Saguran is currently being produced in the towns of Tubigon, Inabanga, and Danao, and this is made possible by the dedication and creativity of these Boholano weavers. The National Museum… Read More »


  Polynesian chestnuts (Inocarpus fagiferus) are locally known in Butuan as “kayam”. Kayam must have been seasonal calorie producers and nourishers of the early inhabitants in Butuan. Excavated fragmentary fruit covers disclosed that the seed was obtained by chopping across the fruit, while present-day Butuanon slice away the pericarp and slit open the fruit cover to extract the… Read More »

Pili: Another “Tree of Life”

  What is Pili? Pili trees (Canarium ovatum Engl.) is a Philippine endemic tree growing in most parts of Bicol. The “tree of life” seems an apt description not only for coconuts but also for pili trees. All parts of the pili tree are useful to humans – be it for medicinal, food, industrial and commercial purposes. Source:… Read More »