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Nabiag na Bato

  Nabiag na Bato (Living Stone) Nabiag na Bato is one of the major works of National Artist Napoleon Abueva. Growing up in Bohol, Abueva’s interest in sculpture began at an early age, molding animal figures from mud. Despite the tragedies he experienced during World War II, Abueva went on to create masterpieces and produced inspiring works of… Read More »

Kawit, Pitlagong, Sugong, Hungot

  Kawit, Pitlagong, Sugong, Hungot Have you tasted tuba, bahal or bahalina? Know how this native drink is naturally acquired: In the Visayas, the coconut wine is called tuba, bahal and bahalina, depending on the fermentation and aging process. Tuba is a fresh or mildly fermented sap tapped from the young unexpanded coconut inflorescences or bungaw. A sugong… Read More »


  Gantangan Discover something about this standard unit of measurement used way back Spanish period! The Rice and Corn Week in the Philippines is observed annually from August 29 to September 5, by virtue of Proclamation No. 304 signed by then-President Diosdado Macapagal in 1964. The Bohol Provincial Planning and Development Office cites agriculture as the primary sector… Read More »


  Ligsanan: Traditional Stone Grinder for Corns In the Philippines, corn or “mais” is the second most important crop next to rice. In 2018, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), Cebu is the top corn-producing province in the Central Visayas with 54.63% as its contribution to the whole region while Bohol produced only 8.79%. To boost the… Read More »

Lipote Fruit Tree

  Lipote Fruit Tree The flowering and fruiting stages of Lipote! Did You Know? that Lipote has been listed under “Rare and vanishing fruit trees and shrubs in the Philippines” by Dr. Domingo Madulid? Most of us know of duhat that blooms and fruits during summertime. It is so common that many of us think it’s native to… Read More »