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On This Day, May 14

  On this day, May 14, in 1850, Filipino dentist, reformist, and patron of the arts Bonifacio Flores Arevalo was born. He learned dentistry from his uncle and foster father Don Jose Arevalo (also known as Capitan Cheng-Cheng), the first Filipino dentist. He was elected treasurer of La Liga Filipina and founder of the Sociedad Dental de Filipinas.… Read More »

Sitan: God of the Lower World

  Sitan, is the god of the lower world, a leader of the evil of the ancient hell. He encourages the mortal to commit sin, with the help of his four disciples. (Filipino Mythology) The four disciples or representatives of Sitan are as follows: Manggagaway Manisilat Mangkukulam Hukluban Manggagaway brings illnesses and often imitate a human form and… Read More »

Edith L Tiempo Famous Works

  Do you know Edith L Tiempo? She was proclaimed National Artist for Literature 1n 1999. The Philippine Postal Corporation (Phlpost) even printed 25,000 copies of the commemorative stamp which are being sold at Php12 each. Phlpost released the new commemorative stamps to mark the birth centenary (1919-2019) of National Artist Dr. Edith L. Tiempo. These stamps are… Read More »

Breeds of Carabao in the Philippines

The Philippine Carabao is a swamp-type water buffalo. This animal has been the ideal ally of farmers in their farm works. In the Philippines, Carabao is primarily used as a source of meat, as a source of milk, and as a source of draft. The Philippine Carabao as a breed, is recognized as a draft animal and has… Read More »

Angas Beef Batangas Beef

  Angas Beef, from lowly native cow to upscale hotel-dinner chow. Angas Beef,  which is an abbreviation for Batangas Beef, was given a product launching a few days ago at the Shangri-La at the Fort Hotel at Bonifacio Global City in Taguig as a kick off to the campaign. Angas Beef is 100% grass-fed. Angas Beef is an… Read More »