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Kwaresma or Lent is when Filipinos remember the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Bicol, devotees hold a holy week ritual called Pabasa ng Pasyon (Reading of the Passion) or locally called Pasyon as part of their vow or panata. This tradition is observed before Good Friday for one day and one night straight to repent… Read More »

Ilang-Ilang Tree

Ilang-Ilang Tree Ilang Ilang Tree (Cananga odorata (Lamk.) Hook f. & Thoms Ilang-ilang (sometimes spelled Ylang-ylang) is a fast-growing tree that grows up to 40 meters. It is usually found in more humid lowland tropics or moist valleys. It is commonly cultivated for its exceptionally fragrant flowers, from which are distilled essential oils used in perfumes, soaps, and… Read More »

Oldest Filipino to get vaccinated with AstraZeneca?

Oldest Filipino to get vaccinated with AstraZeneca?  Tomasa V. Amurao, 101 years old, fondly called “Nanay Po” from Barangay Talon Dos is the oldest Las Piñas resident to get a shot of AstraZeneca vaccine on April 1, 2021. Dr. Benjamir Cabrera, Nanay Po’s grandson, says her grandmother has a medical clearance to get vaccinated. You may want to… Read More »


Bignay  Bignay (Antidesma bunius (L.) Spreng Bignay is a variable plant that may be short and shrubby, or tall and erects approaching 30 meters in height. It is commonly found in wet evergreen forests, dipterocarp forests, and teak forests, on river banks, at forest edges, along roadsides, in bamboo thickets, in semi-cultivated and cultivated areas, and in shady… Read More »

Kingdom of Tondo

Kingdom of Tondo The ancient Kingdom of Tondo, otherwise known as Tundun or Tundok existed circa 900s up to 1589. It was a fortified kingdom located in the Manila Bay area, specifically north of the Pasig River on the island of Luzon. It was an Indianized kingdom in the 10th century built upon and capitalized on being central… Read More »