Scope of the Civil Service Examination Philippines

Scope of the Civil Service Examination Philippines Professional Sub-Professional In English and Filipino: In English and Filipino: Vocabulary Vocabulary Grammar and Correct Usage Grammar and Correct Usage Paragraph Organization Paragraph Organization Reading Comprehension Reading Comprehension Analogy Spelling Logic Clerical Operations Numerical Reasoning Numerical Reasoning 170 items; 3 hours & 10 mins. 165 items; 2 hours … Read more

On this day, November 21

On this day, November 21 is the birthday of broadcaster Karen Davila and Singer Lyca Gairanod. 1916 The hospital ship HMHS Britannic was sunk. 1894 Governor-General Narciso Claveria released the Catalogo Alfabetico de Appellidos. 1694 Voltaire was born. 1564 Miguel Lopez de Legazpi’s voyage to the Philippines began.  

Dr. Pedro B. Escuro

Dr. Pedro B. Escuro was a plant breeder, Professor, extension worker, and consultant in agricultural projects. Among other agricultural contributions, he led the development, isolation, and release of nine Seed Board rice varieties. He earned multiple awards, including the Presidential Plaque of Merit for outstanding accomplishments in rice improvement (1967) and the Rizal Pro Patria … Read more

The Nuns of Intramuros

The Nuns of Intramuros Intramuros was once known as a city of churches and convents. Aside from the friars, Intramuros also had several communities of nuns. A “nun” is a religious woman living in a convent. They live under promises or “vows” of poverty, and chastity. When a woman becomes a nun, she is expected … Read more

The British Invasion of the Philippines

The British Invasion of the Philippines Intramuros’ stone wall was strong and big. However, it was not able to save the city when the British invaded in 1762. The Spaniards were few and leaderless. The position of Governor-General was vacant, and the Archbishop of Manila, despite having no experience with war, commanded the army. On … Read more