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Amelia Lapena Bonifacio | National Artist for Theater

  Amelia Lapena Bonifacio is the “The Grande Dame of South East Asian Children’s Theatre”. She used puppets to beautifully tell folktales and epics, with mostly children as her audience. She founded Teatrong Mulat, which has produced a number of acclaimed full-length musical puppet plays performed not just in the Philippines but around the  world. Dubbed as “The… Read More »

Jose Nepomuceno | Father of Filipino Films

  Jose Nepomuceno is the father of Filipino films. Among his well-known films includes: Dalagang Bukid (1919) The Filipino Woman (1927) Ang Manananggal (1927) Ang Lumang Simbahan (1928) Noli Me Tangere (1930) Punyal na Ginto (1933) Don Jose Zialcita Nepomuceno is one of the pioneering filmmakers of the Philippine cinema.  He is considered to be the Father of… Read More »

Basi Revolt of September 16, 1807

  Basi Revolt of September 16, 1807   Wine-loving Ilocanos in the town of Piddig came together to revolt against the Spanish wine monopoly, which prohibited the residents from manufacturing their own native cane drink called “basi”. The rebellion later spread to nearby towns. The Basi Revolt, also known as the Ambaristo Revolt, was a revolt that started… Read More »


  Malmag is the local name of the Philippine Tarsier. Philippine Tarsier is a type of nocturnal monkey that is at risk of disappearing. They are located in the southeastern part of the Philippines, especially in Bohol. Ang Malmag ay ang lokal na tawag sa Philippine Tarsier. Ito ay isang uri ng nokturnal  na unggoy na nanganganib nang… Read More »

Liberator of Ilocos | Diego Silang

  Today, December 16 is the birth anniversary of Diego Silang, the liberator of Ilocos. In exchange for rewards from Audiencia, allegedly Diego Silang was killed by his close friends Miguel Vicos and Pedro Becbec in his fortress in Bigan. Let’s not do what they did to the “liberator of Ilocos”. Diego Silang exploited Spain’s weakness in the… Read More »