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Tribu Kagan

  The name Kagan comes from the word “kag” which means to warn, to advice and to inform.   They were the first indigenous tribe in Bawwangin (Dabaw) who embraced Islam, and are known to have fixed abode.   They are very hospitable to visitors.   The Kagans are considered as the Davao Muslims.

Magdalena Leones | Lioness of Filipino Guerrilla

  In 1944, Magdalena Leones ,”Lioness of Filipino Guerrilla” agreed to become a US  special agent to help the Americans defeat the Japanese in the Philippines during  World War II.   She used her connections in the missionary and her ability to speak Niponggo language to pass secret messages and to send medical supplies to different provinces of… Read More »

Nieves Fernandez | Guro, Lider ng Gerilya

  In the photo, she shows to the Americans how he has beheaded the Japanese.   Nieves Fernandez was the only woman known to have led guerrilla units against the Japanese during World War II.   She led 110 Filipino guerillas to fight 200 Japanese soldiers in Leyte using only the home-made grenades and guns. Sa litrato, ipinapakita… Read More »

Tribu Maguindanaon

  Maguindanaon means ‘people of the flood plain” for they mainly inhabit the broad Pulangi River Valey and delta which occasionally flood.   They are courageous and resourceful people who bravely defend their tribe with dignity and honor.   Today, Maguindanaons have settled in different communities in Davao City.   Learn about them at Kalinaw Kultura launch on… Read More »

Maranao | Kalinaw Kultura

  Maranao Meaning The name Maranao comes from Ma which means “man” and Ranao which means “lake-like”, thus Maranao means man living near the lake or “lake-dwellers”. They are known to be brave and historically offered sacrifice in defense of their homeland and Islam, and are rich in literature, the most famous of which is the Darangen. Learn… Read More »