Bugang River of Pandan Antique

LIGO TA! Let us beat the summer heat by swimming in Bugang River of Pandan, Antique. The 6-kilometer river snakes through barangays Candari, Santo Rosario, Guia, Zaldivar, and Mag-aba from Northwest Panay Peninsula Natural Park, emptying at Pandan Bay. Bugang River is hailed as the cleanest inland body of water in the Philippines, making it … Read more

First Korea Town in the Philippines

First Korea Town in the PhilippinesKorea Town, Friendship, Angeles City, Pampanga The relative success they generated is due to a rare, advantageous confluence of geospatial and sociocultural factors: strategic location in the fertile Central Luzon region, presence of the former United States, Clark Air Base, and a tradition among local Kapampangans of accommodating and adapting … Read more

Pinukpuk Festival

Kapampángan Culture FeaturePINUKPUK FESTIVALFloridablanca, Pampanga The town of Floridablanca holds the Pinukpuk Festival every last week of April or the first week of May to honor the town’s industry of pamamukpuk or hammering and forging metal into different objects and designs such as kitchenware, religious imagery, or ornaments. You may want to read: Babaylan Festival … Read more

The Tomb of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi at San Agustin Church

The Tomb of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi at San Agustin Church Miguel López de Legazpi (12 June 1502 – 20 August 1572), also known as El Adelantado and El Viejo (The Elder), was a Spanish conquistador who led an expedition to conquer the Philippine islands in the mid-16th century. He was joined by Guido de … Read more


Taken from the name of Guido de Lavezares, the treasurer of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi’s expedition and the second governor-general of Spain in the Philippines (1572-1575). With the help of Juan de Salcedo, Lavezares’ administration survived the assault launched by the Chinese pirate Limahong who attempted to conquer Manila in 1574.