Puyoy Because it’s Father’s Day today, let’s go to the Seafood Capital of the Philippines. In Capiz, there is a popular food we don’t commonly find on our dining table – eel! Thank you to Alger Inocencio for sharing info about this dish. At first glance you would think it is a snake; but no, … Read more

Sagay Marine Reserve

Sagay Marine Reserve in Negros Occidental The reserve spans 32,000 hectares of landscape and seascape. It covers the islands of Molocaboc, Diutay, Matabas and Suyac. Also part of it is Carbin, Macahulom, and Panay reefs, and the coastal waters of six barangays of Sagay. 33 species of mangroves and 10 mangrove associate species cover 500 … Read more

Taklong Island National Marine Reserve

Taklong Island National Marine Reserve spans 1,143.45 ha. covering 46 islands and islets. The 960.45 marine areas include 172 ha of mangroves with 25 species, 56 ha of seagrasses with 6 species, and 124 ha. of fringing corals composed of 144 species of hard corals and 17 species of soft corals. As of January 2016, … Read more

Plaza Rizal Tagbilaran City

Plaza Rizal Tagbilaran City “Pamanang Lokal: Binhi ng Kulturang Pilipino” A once simple estate situated in front of the Tagbilaran Cathedral Church and the former Provincial Capitol building, the Plaza Rizal was established in 1860 and laid out in conformity with the 1573 ordinance of King Philip II imposed on Spanish colonies. At the beginning … Read more

Lumang Gapan

A new tourist spot in Nueva Ecija, known as “Lumang Gapan”, was recently inaugurated. This heritage hub features the old town hall of Gapan, ancestral houses, cobblestoned streets, and vintage lamp posts. As added attractions, two WW2 American jeeps are prominently displayed in front of the old town hall cum museum. An al fresco food … Read more