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Loay Watchtower

Loay Watchtower In 2011, a total of six watchtowers in the province of Bohol have been collectively declared National Cultural Treasures by the National Museum of the Philippines. Thus, after the 7.2 magnitude Bohol Earthquake in 2013, these watchtowers were given priority and rehabilitated under the Central Visayas Restoration and Reconstruction Program of the NMP. At a glance,… Read More »

First Female Commercial Pilot in Southeast Asia

First Female Commercial Pilot in Southeast Asia Ma. Aurora Amanda Carandang-Gloria is the first female commercial pilot in Southeast Asia. Her first flight as a full-fledged captain was for the Philippine Airlines on Fokker 50 flight from Manila to Baguio in 1993. After her glorious 10 years stint in PAL, she engaged herself in the development sector through… Read More »

11 Examples of Road Obstructions

11 Examples of Road Obstructions In general, Road Clearing 2.0 defined road obstructions as structures, materials, or activities within the road right-of-way that impede the free and clear passage of motor vehicles or pedestrians and/or pose danger or cause injury to motorists, pedestrians, or occupants of nearby structures. Vehicles parked in prohibited places – as specified in Section… Read More »

Plaza España

  Plaza España The original name of Plaza España was Plaza Aduana. It was also renamed Plaza de los Martinez dela Integridad de la Patria by the Spanish government to honor the Spanish soldiers killed during the Philippine Revolution. Its present name was given by the U.S. government and the monument of King Phillip II of Spain was… Read More »


  Intendencia The Intendencia housed the National Archives in the early 1900s. Restoration plans are underway for the return of the National Archives of the Philippines. You may want to read: Important Cultural Properties