Celebrate the Sea

Celebrate the Sea
Celebrate the Sea | National Museum Bohol (@natmuseumbohol)

Celebrate the Sea


PROCLAIMING THE MONTH OF JUNE 2008 AND EVERY YEAR THEREAFTER AS “CELEBRATE THE SEA” MONTH, AND THE SECOND SATURDAY OF JUNE AS “CELEBRATE THE SEA” DAY and designate the whale shark (Butanding) as the icon for marine protection and conservation.

For this month of June, let’s Celebrate The Sea!

In 2008, former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed Proclamation No. 1512 designating the entire month of June as an annual platform to promote greater awareness and consciousness of our seas as part of the Philippines’ pride and heritage.

Right at the heart of Central Visayas, Bohol exists within an ecological network that includes thousands of hectares of Mangrove Forests and more than a hundred square kilometers of Coral Reefs. This rich ecosystem is part of the entire Bohol Sea measuring about 4,117 km² from east to west. It is surrounded by the islands of Leyte and Bohol in the southeast, Cebu in the north, and Negros in the west. Aside from being an abundant fishing area, it is home to 18 out of 26 migratory species of cetaceans including whales and dolphins. The Bohol Sea is famous for the butanding also locally known as tikitiki, tuki, or tawiki.

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