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It was World Water Day yesterday! How do you say “water” in your language? Here’s the Kapampángan word for the most essential substance on Earth, and from whose bodies the names of many different ethnic groups in the Philippines are taken.

DANUM • (duh-NOOM)
Tagálog (Filipino): túbig

DANUMAN • (duh-NOO-muhn)
waters, body of water
Tagálog (Filipino): tubigán, katubígan

MADANUM • (muh-duh-NOOM)
watery, full of water
Tagálog (Filipino): matúbig

PARANUM • (puh-ruh-NOOM)
Tagálog (Filipino): patúbig

Verb Conjugation
magdanum, mágdanum, migdanum – to become watery (Actor Focus)
danuman, daranuman, dénuman – to add water on something, make something watery (Object Focus)

Example Sentence
Minum kang danum. [Kap]
Uminóm ka ng túbig. [Tag]
Drink some water. [Eng]

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