Early Christian Cemetery in Boljoon Cebu

early christian cemetery
Early Christian Cemetery in Boljoon Cebu | @natmuseumph via Text and photos by Alexandra de Leon, and poster by Timothy James Vitales / NMP Archaeology Division

Early Christian Cemetery in Boljoon Cebu

Early Historical Burials excavated in Boljoon, Province of Cebu.

One of the most fascinating archaeological sites in the Philippines is a previously undocumented early Christian cemetery in the Municipality of Boljoon, Cebu that dates back to the 16th to 17th century AD.

The site was discovered during archaeological investigations on the grounds of the Patrocinio de Santa Maria Parish Church led by Dr. Jose Eleazar Bersales of the University of San Carlos (USC).

Six seasons of archaeological excavations by the National Museum of the and the USC from 2006 to 2011 have revealed 70 graves, of which 24 were relatively intact and undisturbed.

National Museum of the Philippines have just opened to the public but since tours are suspended, you can instead visit some of our ancestors’ material culture in reference to pre-colonial mortuary tradition.

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