Eduardo V Manalo Reminded INC Members To Pray

Eduardo V Manalo, the executive minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, reminded its members to pray regularly and to be aware of the wrong use of the Internet.

Members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo are not bothered by the controversy in their church.

They were reminded by Eduardo V Manalo, their executive minister, in their anniversary conducted in Philippine Arena to pray and exercise caution when using the internet.

The 101 years anniversary of the Iglesia Ni Cristo in the Philippine Arena in Bulacan province, the Philippines, was attended by massive numbers of church members.

Those Iglesia Ni Cristo members who were unable to enter the Philippine Arena went to the Philippine Sports Stadium and watch via the widescreen.

Rodora Pineda, a member of the church who were unable to enter the Philippine Arena said that she was touched by Eduardo V Manalo one hour message.

She felt the blessing and becomes emotional when she heard the message of Eduardo V Manalo that members should be strong in the face of trial.

Eduardo V Manalo never mentioned anything in relation to the expulsion of his mother Cristina Manalo and his brother Felix Nathaniel Manalo in his INC anniversary’s 101 anniversary message.

One of Eduardo V Manalo preachings in the INC anniversary is his advice that members should be cautious in their use of the internet since it is a medium used in spreading lies and it is a very effective tools used by the devil.