On this day, February 8

february 8
On this day, February 8 | @paradaNHS

On this day, February 8, in 1935 the constitutional convention completed the drafting of the 1935 constitution.

The official calendar of the Republic of the Philippines: an almanac of Philippine commemorations enlivened with illustrations and information. –Manila : Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office, [2014].

On this day in 1587 Mary, Queen of Scots who was a fierce rival of Elizabeth I was beheaded.

On this day in 1865, Gregor Mendel read his paper on genetics before the Brunn Society for the Study of Natural Sciences in Moravia. He also sent a copy to 40 scientists, only one of whom was interested in his discovery. 18 years after his death, three scientists researched “heredity” and they discovered that Mendel was ahead of them in that field so they gave him the credit.

February is Philippine Heart Month (Proclamation No. 1096, s. 1972)

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