Newly-installed Floating Docks in El Nido Now Ready for Tourists

The installation of modular floating docks in El Nido is a pioneering project of the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) in El Nido, Palawan aimed at providing better and safer tourist experience.

floating docks in el nido
Floating Docks in El Nido | Image Credit | TIEZA


“We want tourists to be safe wherever they go and this is the start.” TIEZA Chief Operating Officer Pocholo Paragas said as he led the turn-over ceremonies of the floating docks to the local government of El Nido on Wednesday (September 19).


A floating dock is a lightweight quay or jetty, floating on pontoons, that rises and falls with the tide and shipping. Compared to stationary docks, floating docks are much safer, long-lasting, and efficient to use.


Paragas noted that the growing number of tourists in El Nido, which reached to nearly 200,000 tourists in 2017, makes it imperative for the government to devise innovative projects to ensure safety and convenience to the island’s visitors
especially the young, elderly, and Persons-With-Disability (PWDs).


Known for its pristine beaches and crystal waters, El Nido is one of Palawan’s frequently visited islands, with island hopping as the main activity of tourists. The lack of proper facilities in transporting island hoppers back and forth may discourage tourists from visiting our islands.


“We plan to replicate the installation of modular floating docks in other island destinations in other parts of the country,” Paragas assured the public. “Our task is to ensure that their first “step” sets the tone of their trip. Island hopping trips should be fun and safe all the time,” Paragas added.


TIEZA also funded the installation of floating docks in Honda Bay Wharf in Puerto Princesa.


The TIEZA Chief explained to the officials of the local government of El Nido during the ceremonies that it is crucial to give tourists the best experience from the moment they step off the boat.


TIEZA, as a builder of tourism infrastructure, is focusing on projects of national interest. These infrastructure projects are solely funded by 50% of the total travel  tax collection. Further, TIEZA remits the remaining 50% to the National Treasury, 40% of which goes to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), and 10% to the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA). (TIEZA)