Ginhawa inventor to receive an award

ginhawa inventor
Ginhawa Inventor Dr. Camilo C. Roa | @DOSTphl via @piadesk

Ginhawa inventor to receive visionary award for medical research.

The National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) will confer the 2021 Geminiano De Ocampo Visionary Award for Medical Research (GTOVAMR) to Dr. Camilo C. Roa, a retired professor who invented the low-cost, high-quality portable ventilator for COVID-19.

Dr. Roa, together with Dr. Abundio Balgos, his protégé at the University of the Philippines College of Medicine, received funding support from the government to develop Ginhawa (Reliefvent), which is 40% cheaper than the ones available commercially.

Dr. Roa hopes to finish three variations of Ginhawa 2 (a redesigned prototype) for numerous patients with respiratory failure, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also invented the respiratory pig lung model made from locally sourced materials like the transparent chest cavity model made of plexiglass, complete with a “breathing” lung (freshly harvested porcine lung), and colored water glass manometers to monitor the pleural pressures.

In honor of National Scientist Geminiano T. De Ocampo, the GTOVAMR aims to recognize clinician-researchers who have made significant contributions to medical research and clinical practice that have significantly impacted Filipinos lives.

Dr. De Ocampo was a visionary acknowledged as the Father of Modern Ophthalmology.

He was the first Filipino to perform the first successful corneal transplantation and design a corneal dissector in 1956.

He established in 1965 the first eye hospital and research institution for basic ophthalmology, now known as the Philippine Eye Research Institute.


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