Glaiza De Castro And Rhian Ramos Soap Opera Ends

By | August 6, 2015


Glaiza De Castro and Rhian Ramos successful soap opera “The

Rich Man’s Daughter” will end tomorrow August 7, 2015.


The Richman’s Daughter had a very high impact on the career of

both Glaiza De Castro and Rhian Ramos. Fans are anticipating a

surprising end of the popular soap opera.


Rhian Ramos and Glaiza De Castro have mixed feelings about the

finale of their soap opera which they considers as another

milestone in the Philippines soap opera scene.


Rhian said that the soap opera show allowed many viewers to

connect and relate to the story.


Glaiza De Castro on the other hand said that the Richman’s

Daughter was very significant to her because aside from the

fact that it was her first time to play that kind of role and

first time in Philippine TV to have a unique and different

theme of soap opera.


Rhian and Glaiza De Castro believe that the soap opera made the

public more interested in them.


Glaiza was astounded that her song album became a hit. People

are tweeting about her album and CD’s and tagging it in instagram.

Orders from international buyers are pouring.


Rhian Ramos just finish the movie “Silong” which will serve as

the closing film of the 2015 sine malaya. She will also star in

the coming episode of wagas titled “Ang Babaeng Ubas”, a story

about a beauty queen who suffered a condition of excess skin

in the face.


In tomorrow’s finale of The Rich Man’s Daughter, people are

asking if Glaiza De Castro and Rhian Ramos will have a kissing



They did not answer the question directly.


But Glaiza De Castro assured the viewers and fans that it will

surely be a happy ending.

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