IATF Resolution No. 104

iatf resolution no. 104
IATF Resolution No. 104 | @ntfcovid19ph

IATF Resolution No. 104

No lockdown but added restrictions in the following areas:

National Capital Region

Effective March 22, 2021, until April 4, 2021.

Only essential travel into and out of Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, and NCR will be allowed.

Authorized persons outside their residences:
Essential workers just show their work ID
Health and emergency frontline services personnel
Government officials and government frontline personnel
Duly-authorized humanitarian assistance actors
Persons traveling for medical or humanitarian reasons
Persons going to the airport for travel abroad
Anyone crossing zones for work or business and going back home
ROFs and OFWs

Public transportation will retain current capacity (such capacities and protocols in accordance with the guidelines issued by the DOTr.

Biking and walking are encourage.

Outdoor dining allowed.

Indoor dining not allowed.

Takeout and delivery encourage.

Any outdoor or al fresco dining shall be allowed provided that additional engineering and administrative controls are put in place such as but not limited to, placing of acrylic or similar dividers, limiting to two persons per table with appropriate seating arrangements (one-seat apart in a diagonal configuration)

Maximum of 50% of the venue capacity (outdoor dine-in restaurants, cafes, personal care services.

10:00 PM to 5:00 AM coomon curfew (Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, and NCR), workers cargo vehicles, and public transportation, however, shall not be restricted by such curfew.

Required to remain in their residences at all times
any person below 18 years old and above 65 years old.
those with immunodeficiency, comordity, or other health risks
pregnant women

except when indispensable under the circumstances for obtaining essential goods and services, or for work in their respective industries and offices.

Persons above 65 years old may be allowed for outdoor non-contact sports and other forms of outdoor exercises.

Persons with disability (PWD) may be allowed outdoors for their therapy as well as for outdoor non-contact sports and other forms of outdoor exercises upon presentation of prescription from their physicians or PWD ID

Suggested Home Rules:

Accepting visitors outside immediate family or household is strongly discourage.

Wearing face mask at home especially when living with elderly and vulnerable is strongly advised.

Temporarily suspended:

Operations of driving schools, traditional cinemas and video and interactive game arcades, libraries, archives, museums, and cultural centers, limited social events at accredited establishments of the DOT, and limited tourist attactions except open-air tourist attractions.

Cockfighting and cockpit operations, including in MGCQ areas.

Subject to the above additional restrictions, all provisions applicable to GCQ areas in the Omnibus Guidelines in the Implementation of CQ in the Philippines, as amended, shall remain in effect in Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Rizal, and NCR.

Commandments for Public transportation
Wear mask and shields;
No talking and making phone calls;
No eating;
Keep public utility vehicles week-venticulated;
Conduct of frequent disinfection;
No passengers with COVID-19 symptoms are to be allowed inside the public transportation;
Observe appropriate physical distancing.

Prohibited: All mass/public gatherings including religious gatherings.

Allowed: Holding of weddings, baptisms, funeral services. Limited to 10 persons.

Current operational capacities of essential and non-essential services/industries shall be maintained subject to adherence to safety protocols and minimum public health standards, particularly in the prohibition of aggregation in communal areas such as pantries, canteens, etc.

Personal/Face-to-face meetings highly discouraged.

Group meals in work places not allowed.

Work from home and virtual meetings highly encourage.

Following the minimum public health standards in offices.

Private sector enjoined to adopt similar working arrangements as those already in place in the executive branch of government. (30% to 50% operational or on-site capacity, where applicable.

Activate the following surge responses for the health system:

Ensure appropriate patient care navigation through the use of One Hospital Command Center, Oplan Kalinga, and LGU call centers with referral of mild and moderate cases to available temporary treatment and monitoring facilities.

One hospital Command Center (COVID-19 Response)
(02) 886-505-00

Activate the following surge responses for the health system:

Increase dedicated beds to surge capacity (30% private and 50% public) to increase health system capacity.

DILG is directed to ensure that all LGUs enforce the following measures:

Ensure that protocols for isolation/quarantine are completed before facilitating reintegration with the community.

Ensure and monitor minimum public health standards adherence specifically in the following settings:

In the homes – distribute masks and face shields especially to the vulnerable sectors, with the BHERTs and other barangay officials to monitor and ensure compliance of households.

In the workplace – implement such other alternative working arrangements, with DOLE-DTI to monitor compliance of workplaces to minimum public health standards.

Activate the following surge responses for the health system:

Actively find cases in the barangays with highest cases using Coordinated Operations to defeat the Epidemic (CODE) visits

Increase and improve the facility-based quarantine and isolation through the Oplan Kalinga.

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