K’gal nisif

k'gal nisif
K’gal nisif | @museomuntinlupa

K’gal nisif is a traditional clothing worn by T’boli women. The word “k’gal” is a T’boli term that refers to a blouse or shirt, while the term “nisif” pertains to the cross-stitch embroidery technique used on the cloth.

K’gal nisif is an artistically embroidered blouse with animal and human symbols represented by the colors red, white, and yellow. These blouses were initially made of abaca before the emergence of commercial cloth. Each k’gal nisif is one-of-a-kind, and while some of the patterns and symbols are repeated, no blouses are the same. The finer the stitching, the more intricate its art becomes.

Ang K’gal nisif ay isang tradisyunal na kasuotan ng kababaihan ng T’boli na ginamitan ng katangi-tanging pamamaraan ng pagbuburda bilang disenyo.

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This project is in line with the observance of 2021 Year of Filipino Pre-Colonial Ancestors (YFPCA), by virtue of Proclamation No. 1128, s. 2021.

Art by Andrei Mendiola
Graphics by Xena Cabahug
Research by China Ho, Dan Racca, Sophia Luces, and Angelene Payte
Text by Angelene Payte

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