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Philippine Zithers are tube bamboo or wood-stringed instruments that are plucked or struck.

It is of two kinds:

  1. polychordal with several strings and
  2. the parallel which has two strings on one side of the tube.

Some names for zithers across the Philippine islands are:

  • kolitong,
  • kollessing,
  • kulibet,
  • saluray,
  • tambi,
  • bamban,
  • tabengbeng,
  • kudling, and
  • tabobo.

Parts of Kolitong

  1. Resonating body – made from bamboo tubes or half tubes.
  2. Strings – are etched out of the bamboo body and run parallel to the length of the tube.
  3. Frets – small wood inserted beneath the etched-out string.

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Image: Image Source:Fekke de Jager. Kolitong, 2011, digital image, Music Instruments from the Philippines, Hofberg 2, Brussel, accessed July 14, 2021, https://www.kipas.nl/Instruments/Kolitong.htm

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