Kuraldal Festival

Kuraldal Festival
Kuraldal Festival | @kapampangan.words

Kuraldal Festival (Kuraldal Atlung Ari), Sasmuan, Pampanga, Philippines (January 6-10)

The Kuraldal Festival is an annual celebration honoring St. Lucy (Santa Lucia or Apung Lucia), the patron saint of the town of Sasmuan, Pampanga.

It starts on Epiphany or the Feast of Three Kings on January 6 and lasts for 5 days until January 10.

Devotees dance while crying “Viva Apung Lucia!” Puera sakit!” (Hail St. Lucy! Away with illness!”) and fall in line with their handkerchiefs to touch the image of St. Lucy which is believed to heal the sick. Childless couples also ask for the gift of fertility so they could have children.

This festival is listed in the Philippine Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage (PIICH), under Domain 3: Social Practices Rituals, and Festive Events. This is one of only two Kapampangan festivals listed in the said inventory, the other being the Libad (River Procession) of Apung Iru (St. Peter) in the town of Apalit.

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