Ligaya Villablanca

Ligaya Villablanca
Ligaya Villablanca | @bababisaya

Introducing our Learning Facilitator for Waray…Ligaya Villablanca @chickenligaya @movingeyelands

Born and raised in Tacloban City, Leyte, Ligaya Villablanca is a believer in the universality found in regional cinema.

As an alumna of BFA Cinema from the University of San Carlos, she was an acting officer of CINEMATA for three consecutive years; Founded the film exhibition initiative, Salida; Serbesa in 2019; was a member of the Society of Filipino Film Reviewers, and Founded the film exhibition initiative, Moving Eyelands PH @movingeyelands, in hopes to promote regional cinema for the people from the regions. She was a participant in Cinema Without Borders Southeast Asia Workshop and served on a Jury in Lawadan: The Annual Short Film Festival in 2021 and Piling Obrang Pilipino in 2022. She produced Ako Sila (2022) a Santafehanon Queer film; her directorial works include Maupay Nga Aga, Puniti Kita (2019), Ñawa, Mauli-Uli-Na (2021), and An Tawag Ha Ika-Pito Nga Inop (2022) all under Oks Manoks Productions.

Currently based in Santa Fe, Bantayan Island, she is now exploring the regional waves of film programming, cultural work, and being kind to herself.

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