Lovi Poe Visited The Homeless Children

By | August 28, 2015

lovi poe


Lovi Poe visited an institution for homeless children in

Manila. This Institution’s goal is to give education and

shelter to homeless children.



Lovi Poe has been visiting this institution for the last six

years. The last time she visited this place was her late

father’s birthday.


She is a daughter of the late King of Filipino movies Fernando

Poe Jr.


She said that she felt that visiting the homeless children is

the way her late father wishes her to celebrate his birthday.


Lovi has a new look for the twist in the TV series “beautiful

strangers”. She cut her hair short.


She is very excited that she will soon be seen on television

playing the role of a ‘taong grasa”.


According to her, playing the role of “taong grasa” was one of

her favorite role in her entire career.


Lovi Poe was very happy for finally playing her dream role of

a “taong grasa” or a homeless catatonic dirty woman in the TV

series “beautiful strangers’. She wanted to play this role

for a long time.


She praised the show’s writers for coming up with various

twist in the series each week.


Lovi Poe enjoyed every moment of taping the show. During the

“tapings” break, she enjoyed playing with the children.



She is looking forward to the scene where the character of her

boyfriend will be linked to the character of her real life

best friend Heart Evangelista.


There will be a kissing scene between Roco Nacino and Heart

Evangelista in the coming episode of the show.

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