Mali: The Golden Maiden

Mali: The Golden Maiden | @aswangproject via Image Credit: @eyecancreatives

Mali: The Golden Maiden

Mali. She is named as Si Nagmalitong Yawa si Nagmaling Diwata si Ginsalo Gin-agaw Humbay sa Hinmayunan Nakiling ko Lintian Nakyang ko Dalugdugan Manugpaungan-ungan Binukot nga Tuyawan Buntog nga Benlisyunan, daughter of Matan-ayon or Ayon.

She is the most beautiful and powerful binukot in the world. Her whole body is golden. She is the wife of Humadapnon.

Matan-ayon and Mali are the only characters in the sugidanon who have the powers to transform themselves into a male if they are to fight, and into things, if they reject the sexual advances of a man they do not like.

Matan-ayon transforms into a man known as Makalimpong when she replaces Paubari during his fight with Pahagunong, a Datu who courts her when Abaw is in the deep sea after being transformed into a pawikan (sea turtle).

Mali transforms herself into a man to retrieve Humadapnon, trapped inside the Tarangban (enchanted cave). Matan-ayon also transforms into “water” when Sinagnayan abducts her while Mali transforms into a kandol (wild cucumber).

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Image Credit: @eyecancreatives
Source: Caballero-Padernal, E., (2021), The Panay Bukidnon Sugidanon (Epic) and Prototype Glossaries for Epic Excerpts, Philippine Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities: Danyag Vol. 22 No. 1 & 2