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According to F. Landa Jocano in “Outline of Philippine Mythology”: The most beautiful divinity in the court of Bathala was Mayari, the goddess of the moon. Mayari had two charming sisters, Hanan, the goddess of the morning, and Tala, the goddess of the stars. They were said to be the daughters of Bathala by a mortal wife who died after she had given birth to these three beautiful goddesses.

In Kapampangan and Tagalog lore the siblings Apolaki and Mayari had a quarrel, for each wanted to rule the world alone. Mayari lost an eye during the fight and they decided to divide the world. Apolaki would rule with both his eyes half of the time, which is why the day and sun are brighter than the night and moon.

Bakunawa is the Bicolano and Visayan serpent that attempts to swallow the moon and is the explanation for the lunar eclipse.

Meanwhile…in Angeles City.

Next time you are in Pampanga, be sure to visit MAYARI for Filipino comfort food and cocktails inspired by the gods.

It looks like such a lovely atmosphere and is definitely on my list the next time I pass through that area.

I love seeing Philippine Mythologies inspire so many different aspects of modern fare. Do you have a favorite? Leave a comment.

Big thank you to @yvette_tan for the information and photos.

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