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Did you know that we have a courtship ritual dish?

In Quezon Province, if a man is sincere in wooing the lady of his dreams, he will be valiant enough to visit the woman’s parents and express his heartfelt interest for “pakikipag mukmukan”.

A test of rhythm and harmony using a lusong and pambayo (huge wooden mortar and pestle), the man will bring and pound various ingredients made of balinghoy (cassava), banana, sugar, peanuts, and alangan (coconut strips in mid-point development).

With the blow of strength from each pound, the woman will take part in the process by alternately mixing it with a wooden spoon. Once completed, the “minukmok” will be placed in a serving dish, and the man will personally bring it to the woman’s parents for assessment. The texture and every flavor have to properly blend to affirm the parents’ approval – to have their daughter be courted like a precious gem.

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How to make Minukmok? (Video)

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